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Friday Faves | At Home Self-Love

Friday Faves | At Home Self-Love

Ok, I'm gonna say it, I think Valentine's Day is weird. Yea, I loved it when I was a kid + we exchanged valentine's + ate a bunch of candy (still do). But now that I'm not 10, I like the idea of showing love to your loved ones at all times of the year. All of that outward showing of love can be draining, which is why I take Valentine's Day as a Self-Love Day.

Staying in, drawing a bath + meditating are some of my favorite self-love go-to's. Dedicating some time to yourself can be so completely fulfilling + mood lifting that your loved ones will actually thank you for taking a little self-love time. 

You know what's possibly even weirder than Valentine's Day? Decorating your home for Valentine's Day. Paper hearts with faces strung across your mantle does not convey "Hey, I love you". Ok, if you want to decorate for V-Day because it's tradition or nostalgic or your kids love it, by all means do what you do, I won't judge, but seriously consider that self-love.

Your home can actually be a sanctuary, despite the daily messes + spilt coffee. This home you live in is a huge part of what you cultivate, including the love you give. Find your favorite corner for some meditation, temporarily transform your living room into a yoga studio, or escape into your tub for even a few moments + you'll come out refreshed with more love to give. 

At Home Self-Love faves

at Home Yoga

Breakfast in Bed

Coffee, waffles, bed + a book sounds like a pretty amazing Valentine's Day gift to me. Get up, make some food, + rush back to bed. Who knows how long you'll stay, maybe all day!

Clear out your coffee table, light some candles + roll out your mat. Play around or follow a video, just get those feet on a mat + you'll find your rhythm. I love to throw on an old record + flow.

Home Spa Treatment

Cozy Corners

You know where your cat always sleeps? Yea, steal her corner. I like to meditate or read a good book. Check out some meditation apps, throw on some headphones, + take off.

Flower Power is still a thing. Draw a bath with some delicious bath soaps, add some petals, grab some wine + your good to go. Or maybe throw in a facial or pedicure while you're at it.


It had to be said

After you've eaten waffles in bed, done your yoga, read in your corner + taken a flower bath with a bottle of wine, sit on your couch + eat all the chocolate.

Seriously, I can't think of a more perfect Self-Love Day.

cultivate your love

love yourself

others will see it shine

What are your awkward or awesome Valentine's Day plans? 

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