Friday Faves | Shop Finds | Mae Woven + the Only Basket You Need

Mae Woven is just one of those brands where I wish I could forever + ever live in their beautiful, modern bohemia, Etsy world. I would lay in their turkish towels all day + shop at the farmers market every evening with this unbelievably chic basket. Their light + organic style is impeccable + the quality is hands down fabulous.

Photo c/o my insta

I recently purchased this basket to make my farmers market dreams come true + I could not be more happy with this purchase. The basket is large + sturdy + can hold oh, so much produce. So, in honor of this fabulous find I wanted to share my Top 5 Shop Finds from Mae Woven for our Friday Faves today! Check out all the finds, be sure to follow them + hopefully find a piece for your home! 


{ O N E }

Bolga Basket | $55

{ T W O }

Indigo Mudcloth Pillow | $60

{ t h r e e }

Natural Round Turkish Throw | $50

{ F O U R }

Mudcloth Dia Pillow | $50

{ F I V E }

Oversized Market Bag | $50

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Styling Tips from a Stager | Bring Organic Modernism to Your Home

Alright, I'm putting my Stager hat on again + sharing with you my favorite tricks for making your home an organic modern oasis. It's a talent that we at The Platform Experiment literally experiment with everyday + we've found some tried + true tricks. I like to think of staging a home as bringing out the essence of a home + designing it the way the house was meant to be, in it's pure state. Minus the shoes strewn about the entry, muddy fingerprints on the doors + pet hair everywhere, a house has a true essence + staging captures it for a brief yet, beautiful moment in time.

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That's not to say you can't implement staging tips + tricks into your own home! By utilizing these tips you can begin to draw some of that essence back into your space + create a lovelier more organic + beautiful space. At Platform we have a very distinct style + it happens to go right along with the heartbeat of my blog: organic, bohemian, modern + clean, so check it out below + enjoy!

8 tips for a modern + organic space

Photo c/o Platform

Soft + Hard Lines

When you take in your entire space make sure there's a balance present of hard + soft. Rectangular lines of the sofa + accent chair are softened by the round coffee table, poof + floor lamp. The dining area mixes rounded edges to soften the modern kitchen.

Photo c/o my insta

know your placement

Utilizing key places in your home will allow for an organic flow that feels natural + purposeful. Homes with modern lines + harsh angles are softened by curved furniture + appropriate placement. The rug above softens the space while not adding clutter.

Photo c/o Platform

old with the new

You've heard it before but, I'll tell ya again. Mixing + matching old furniture with modern is one of the best ways to achieve the organic modernism look. Make sure the woods are good quality + the stains go well together. These red woods are so divine. 

Photo c/o Platform insta

have a magazine worthy moment

Have at least one moment in your house where you can sit, take in the moment + imagine it on the cover of your fave magazine. This moment perfectly incorporates modern lines with textured bohemian textiles + that moon poster...forget about it, so beautiful!

Photo c/o my insta

art that is fresh + modern

I love placing antique frames or artwork sparsely around the house but, the main art should be modern or better yet, organic + modern like these prints above! The colors are muted but graphic + the black frames stand out against the white backdrop. 

Photo c/o Platform insta

wide open spaces

Natural textiles, colorful rugs, rattan pops + a mixed material coffee table lends for a feeling that is eclectic yet pulled together. Keeping space between all these elements, even in a small space, will make the pieces shine + the room will feel even bigger.

Photo c/o my insta

always edit ... then edit again

Whenever we style a home we usually go through 2 or 3 versions of whatever we may be styling, textiles, consoles or bookshelves. Give yourself time putting together your styling + the more you practice the better you'll get. For more styling tips check this out!

Photo c/o my insta

Layer it up

This is my most favorite part of any staging or styling project, the textiles!! Layer linen, satin, mud cloth, I really feel you can't go wrong with an eclectic yet, clean bed. Create the color story by choosing a base color, complimentary + a pop, then go to town! 

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