Maker of the Month | Peacock + Co

There's something really special happening in Long Beach at the cross streets of Linden Ave + E 1st St.  There's about a 2-3 block radius of ridiculously cool, innovative + effortlessly minimal shops, you would swear you just discovered one of the great secrets of Southern California. This is where I found Octobers amazingly talented Maker of the Month...

Peacock + Co!

Peacock + Co is one big happy celebration of modern plants + I can't tell you how thankful I am to have found them! Owner, Stephanie, is the sweetest being + has an incredible eye for lush modern houseplants that are easy to care for + look great in any window. *This shop also happens to be right around the corner from 6th + Detroit, last month's MM! *

The shop features plants, ceramics by local artists, + also shares the space with my now fave Long Beach clothing shop, Anneise.

I found Peacock + Co long ago through Instagram + that weekend I dragged the hubs down to the East Village to visit this shop. I didn't want to leave! Seriously, my husband left me there so I could take in all the goodness that was happening. I've been to plant stores before, even "cool" ones over in Venice or Oakland but, there's something truly unique to Peacock + Co.

Stephanie creates an atmosphere of simplicity, refined organic modernism, + innovative new ways of seeing plants. I love her aesthetic + approach to beauty. If you read my MM from last month with 6th + Detroit you'll know that they've collaborated to bring all their amazing finds together in the form of a rental company, I couldn't be more happy + excited to see all their successes!

I met up with Stephanie at her shop last week to take photos for the feature. I am so honored to be able to view her shop through my lens. It's a magical little corner + I am so grateful to share it with you all. Check out the full feature + gallery below!

Meet the Maker | Peacock + Co

F + K | What's your story + how did you found Peacock + Co?

Stephanie | Peacock + Co evolved from my old event business Peacock Social. I was doing events, primarily dj-ing weddings. I marketed my business as a Boutique Dj service with minimal equipment + a set-up that pretty much looks like my shop now! It makes me laugh a little now when I hear how ridiculous that sounds.  It dawned on me one day while doing a wedding show; I had a lot of people drawn to my booth but, no one really understood what I did. I didn’t get any new business from that show but, people loved my booth… How could I translate this into my brand? As I broke down my set-up that day I decided that I was going have Styling + Design as a primary focus for my brand.

Shortly after, in 2013 I started working with Kimberly Latham (Owner, Anneise) who is now my Shop Partner + close friend. Kimberly had a clothing store + managed it all so gracefully. She inspired me to work toward my lifelong dream of opening a Home Decor shop. I started collecting objects, teaching myself macrame + that’s when Peacock + Co was born. I worked on building a collection for an online shop but, after a successful pop-up at Anneise, Kimberly asked if I wanted to join her shop. So, a storefront actually came first for me. My business continued to grow when I discovered my love for plants + now Peacock & Co is a full blown plant shop!

Maker of the Month | Peacock + Co |

F + K | What drew you to owning a store front?

Stephanie | The human interaction, hands down. Being a part of our customer’s shopping experience is important to me. We take pride in being Owner operated. I also absolutely love merchandising + creating a fresh space daily.

F + K | What all does Peacock + Co offer?

Stephanie | Plants, ceramics, botanical wares, kindness + hopefully inspiration.

F +  K | How did you come up with the name?

Stephanie | People always assume that I love Peacocks but, the initial name idea was more symbolic than anything. I actually always contemplate a name change but, the thought of a rebrand gives me heart palpitations. I have grown to love the name now that the meaning is mostly in the memories. It is officially here to stay.

F + K | How does your location inspire you?

Stephanie | The evolution of our shop space. The love, time + attention that Kimberly + I have put into designing the space definitely inspires me. I also love our neighborhood. It has grown so much + I love that people are now seeing the beauty + potential of Downtown Long Beach.

F + K | What did you do before Peacock + Co?

Stephanie | I was a Manager for Barnes & Noble for a good chunk of my life. I learned so much + met the best people. I apply so much of the knowledge I gained from being a Manager to what I do now.

F + K | What’s your favorite piece in the shop right now?

That would have to be the Plant Hanger that Michelle Qazi (Owner of 6th & Detroit) + I created together for our West Elm pop-up. It’s a beautiful piece + it was fun working with Michelle on it. I love her!

F + K | Where has some of your work been featured?

Stephanie | OC Weekly which was cool! You can also find a large selection of our plants at one of our local stockists The Clubhouse at Howl. We have done pop-up shows at West Elm, Urban Outfitters, + Lord Windsor Roasters. Event Styling + Greenery Installations for Spontanea Dinner + 6th & Detroit.

F + K | Any special events/pop ups/collaborations coming up?

Stephanie | I am currently working on a project for Palos Verdes School Gardens + we are gearing up for the Holiday season.

F + K | How do you define beauty?

Stephanie | The ability to be vulnerable + humble is a beautiful thing.

F + K | What’s one piece of advice you’d give to female entrepreneurs?

Stephanie | Progression happens while you are working hard. Start small, be patient + always have integrity.

F + K | What’s your ideal Sunday morning look like?

Stephanie | Music is a huge part of my life so an ideal Sunday morning would definitely include music + cooking. I love cooking! My other dream job would be to own a salad spot with live music + DJs. I would call it Salad + Jam! (Don’t steal that! Haha!)

F + K | What's next for PEACOCK + CO?

Stephanie | My shop is #1 but, becoming a mobile plant shop in addition to the shop is a dream. Hopefully we can make this happen in 2017. Continuing to grow our wholesale, styling, and rental services is on the list. The list grows daily!

Fine Print: All photos belong to Found + Kept, if you'd like to use them please give full credit + provide a link back to the original post

From desert plants to huge shiny Monsteras you are sure to find a plant that fits your space. Peacock + Co is a gem + Long Beach is a better place because of them. Thank you so much to Stephanie, + Kimberly of Anneise, to allow me into their space + share my love of the shop with my readers. It's local shops like this that makes Long Beach the special town that it is : )

Be sure to follow the shop on Instagram + Pinterest or visit their brick + mortar at:

440 E 1st St, Long Beach 90802



10 Ideas for a Fall Inspired Space

Do you feel that slightly crisp breeze sweeping through your windows? I know, I do! And you know what that means, right?! Fall is here + so are the darker nights, cooler evening walks + warmer smelly-good candles. I gotta say, Fall is my favorite season. Growing up in Southern California I've developed an undying + unmatched appreciation for crisp days + changing colors. Don't be fooled, refreshing your space with Fall doesn't have to mean pumpkins + rustic baskets full of apples, come on girl, you know better.

Photo c/o Pinterest

Photo c/o Pinterest

Let's embrace a softer, more true to you, side! Modern autumn tones, fuzzy blankets + dare I say, a spiced candle? I like to think of my Fall home as a softer, more introspective take on my aesthetic. Intimacy + coziness is key, whatever that may mean to you. I'm giving you my 10 ideas for a fall inspired space, I hope some of them resonate with you + you're inspired to get your space glowing + cozy.

10 Favorite Fall Ideas 

O N E 

Photo c/o The Future Kept

Photo c/o The Future Kept

Change Up Your Colors

Fall wouldn't be fall without a bit of color changes

Add in Fall colors that you love, maybe olive green or amber red. I love burnt yellow as it hints towards orange without being pumpkin.



Add Some Knit to It

I couldn't love a chunky knit more

Add in layers of blankets to really maximize coziness. Knit in Fall has a quality that can't be matched. Also, check out this fab diy idea.



Photo c/o Local Milk

Photo c/o Local Milk

Open Up to Light

Don't be shy, let in the light (while you still have it)

Whether you live upstate or down south this is the time of year to do it. Open those windows on a brisk day + cozy up next to your fire.



Photo c/o Pinterest

Photo c/o Pinterest

Cover Your Ground

Layer all your textiles- rugs, throws + furs alike

I love layering textiles all year round but, if you're in an especially cool climate adding furs can really do wonders to those cold nights.



Photo c/o Pinterest

Photo c/o Pinterest

Set the Mood

All fall dinner parties must have brass candle holders

I love that these feel festive + are such a subtle statement. You don't need any other decor on the table. Invest in vintage if possible.



Photo c/o Helt Enkelt

Photo c/o Helt Enkelt

Go for the Dried

A dried flower never dies

I love using dried stalks, eucalyptus, lavender, grasses + whatever else you find, in my bouquets. Best part, they'll last all season long!



Photo c/o My Domaine

Photo c/o My Domaine

Pile Yo Pillows

Pile high + wide on sofas, chairs + beds

Who doesn't want to come home to a sofa ready to capture all the worries of your day? Those pillows will + your body will be happy.



Photo c/o Local Milk

Photo c/o Local Milk

Check Your Mug Supply

You can never have too many...right?

Stock up on plenty of killer mugs for all those house guests + hot cocoa. Also, I'll be making this at least once a week this Fall. 



Photo c/o SF Girl by Bay

Photo c/o SF Girl by Bay

Praise Your Plaid

It's the only time of year I feel o.k. with plaid

A little plaid goes a long way. Just a touch of it here + there...a throw here, a dishtowel there. But hey, if you really love it, go crazy.



Photo c/o Coco Lapine

Photo c/o Coco Lapine

Hooks + Books

The time of year when you need more hooks + books

Hooks for all those sweaters + jackets reappearing. Books for all those nights curled on the couch sipping hot spiced tea : )

Be sure to follow on Pinterest + Insta for inspo all season long