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DIY | Geometric Pendant Light

DIY | Geometric Pendant Light

I have to laugh sometimes at the DIY's I see. You usually find them on Pinterest, it looks aaamazing + so easy! How can it be true?! Weeks later + $100 over budget you finally finish your piece, semi-proud of how it came out. I am here to tell you that I found a super awesome DIY that IS cheap AND relatively quick! They do exist.

$20-ish Geometric Pendant light DIY

I found this tutorial through Style Me Pretty + was actually really surprised at how affordable + easy it was to do. They claim it costs $10 but eh, it's realistically more like $20-30, which is still really cheap.

Who wouldn't want this super cute geometric pendant in their space? Best part is, depending on how many straws you use, the shape + size options are endless! Also, feel free to change up the spray paint. Silver, rose gold, or a matte white would look great too.

This pendant is also great for bedside + office light fixtures, + apartment living as there is no hardwiring required!


  • 20-30 Straws (I used these)
  • 1-2 Cans of Gold Spray Paint (I used Brilliant Gold
  • Twine | Needle | Scissors
  • Wire (I used gold floral wire)
  • Light Kit (I used this)


  1. First things first, spray those straws! I did mine a few batches at a time as I was low on space, but I imagine it wouldn't take more than an hour to spray them all.
  2. Start to combine the straws into geometric shapes. I started with some triangles + threaded my twine throughout each straw to make them taut. This part can be a little tricky. I played around with the pendant shape for a good while (a few hours) until I found the one I wanted. I ended up going with a pyramid shape, but may add more to make it a diamond.
  3. After I finished the shape I used the floral wire to attach the top of the pendant to the light cord. I then took some time to touch up any ends that were discolored. Throughout the process the gold ends of the straws starting chipping, so a little touch of paint fixes that right up. I left the twine natural as I liked the contrast of twine to gold, but up to you.
  4. Viola! Let there be light! Isn't she cute?
  5. Do it yourself.

Pretty easy right? Try it for yourself + let me know how it turned out!

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