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The Latest Flea Find

Last weekend, I was in flea market heaven at the Alameda Antiques Faire. I knew I wasn't looking for any big furniture pieces or for anything in particular really, so we showed up towards the end. As we were driving in I could see flocks of people leaving with unreal, unique, and beautiful items they found. My husband would tell you I said "all the goods are gone!" about every time I saw some stellar lamp or weird basket leave.

I started to lose hope, "why did we come so late?", "will it be worth the $5 fee to get in?"...hell yea it was. 

Now, this flea is ginormous, its no quick run. We took our time and wandered up and down the many aisles of gorgeous mid-century furniture, and dug through some awesome junk. Besides the cash to get in, I brought 20 bucks with me so I wouldn't buy everything in sight *Restraint is, surprisingly, something I'm working on*

I wanted to be sure whatever I did go home with I felt inspired by and in love with, kind of like a marriage. 

Finally, I Found The Magical Thing I Was Looking For...

A beautiful black metal, vintage magazine rack. I picked it up and looked at it, fell in love, and then for some reason, left. I preceded to keep thinking about it, so I knew I should probably just go back and  buy it. 

Remember those flea market tips I posted a few weeks ago? 

Yea, they come in handy. I went back and asked to buy it at $15, he said "NOPE". Fine, I walked away. Minutes later, he ran to find me at another vendor and offered it at $15, I was like "oh, alright" :)  

I found and kept the perfect rack for My weaving supplies!

This flea is known around California for being one of the best fleas ever.  I highly, strongly, and forcefully encourage you to go, regardless of where you live. Check out my Happenings page, where I post the best fleas and fairs around town for the upcoming month!

Whats your favorite flea find? 

More to come!




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