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The Happenings

The Bay is home to so many amazing flea markets, thrifts, vintage stores, and just all around beautiful craft and artisan fairs. Every weekend it seems like there's almost too much to do around here. To make your weekend decisions a tad easier I've put together a list of some of the highlights coming up in August

If you don't live in the Bay but are interested in any of these, make a weekend out of it! Who doesn't need a weekend away? I'll be comprising top lists for other major cities, such as L.A, Austin, NY, and Seattle in future months.

*If you want your flea, store, or fair featured on this blog send me a message!*

Alameda Flea

8/2 Hell yea it's that time of month. If you want to actually buy something get there early, 6am. This is the jam for just about anything from furniture to collectible tchotchkes. Just go. 

Time: 6am-3 

Cost: $15-$10-$5

Spot: 2900 Navy Way (at Main Street), Alameda      


Vintage Paper Fair

8/1 + 8/2 Although I have yet to go to this it seems like a great spot to find some DIY art, vintage graphics, collectibles and unique photos. If you're into paper things, you'd probably like it.

Time: Sat 10-6 Sun 11-5

Cost: FREE

Spot: Hall of Flowers, Golden Gate Park, SF 


Jack of All Trades

8/8 One of Oakland's finest fairs, this market is all about the local love. Local vendors (artisan, indie, craft, + antiques), local food, local music, DIY workshops and more. Be prepared to fall in love.

Time: 11-5 

Cost: FREE

Spot: Jack London Square, Oakland.        


The Summer Crystal Fair

8/8 + 8/9 I'm throwing this one in here because crystals are awesome. Whether you like them spiritually or visually, you won't regret picking some up. 

Time: 10-6

Cost: $6-$8

Spot: Civic Park Community Center, Walnut Creek        


The French Market

8/9 If you're living across the bay, Marin, check out Marin's Outdoor Antique Market. With all that money there has to be some pretty great finds :) 

Time: 9-3

Cost: FREE

Spot: Civic Center Drive, San Rafael       


Treasure Island Flea

8/29 + 8/30 Ah, yes. There's no excuse to not hang out at this market. First of all, TI is gorgeous and there's plenty of amazing vendors to check out. Do note, this is more a hybrid craft and antiques fair rather than a flea market, but still great nonetheless. I don't hate the beer and cocktails either. 

Time: 10-4

Cost: $3, FREE parking

Spot: Ave. of the Palms, Treasure Island        


Alemany Flea Market 

Every Sunday I've been trying to get to this flea for the longest time but have yet to make it. August will be the month I go! I've heard it's great, if anyone has/is going to attend this one let me know your thoughts!

Time: 7-3

Cost: FREE

Spot: 100 Alemany Blvd, SF        


DIY Workshop Spotlight: Bitters and Liquor infusions

8/30 You'll catch me attending this amazing workshop at Preserved because you know how much I love my crafty cocktails. Preserved is the cute little backyard to Neighbor on Piedmont Ave. Registration is required, check out their site for other DIY events.

Time: 10-12

Cost: $35

Spot: 4200 Piedmont Ave, Backyard Workshop, Oakland   


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