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Create Your Best Holiday Table

Create Your Best Holiday Table

Holidays bring up many different feelings, one year they can be wonderful + calming, others stressful + chaotic. I like the idea of envisioning + meditating on creating your best holiday experience. Rather than focusing on what should happen or what dish didn't turn out, imagine what you want you + your family to feel + experience...joy, happiness + gratitude, to just name a few.

Let your life + home be an extension of those feelings

I've found it's pretty easy to create an environment that enhances those feelings. When you create with love, love shines through. This year I was lucky enough to host our family Thanksgiving meal, alongside my beautiful sister. 

Even more lucky, I perfected my oh so favorite,tablescape! 

Before I started planning the tablescape I thought about the ambiance + feelings I wanted to evoke as we sat around the table. Joy, gratitude, warmth + imagination were my key words. By reusing what I already had + purchasing some key elements that would last + be reused, this table ended up everything + more than I envisioned! 

Here are my best tips + tricks to create a holiday table that enhances your Holidays + Life!

TIP #1

Plates Galore I A small obsession of mine is collecting and hoarding plates, bowls + glassware. If you're sick of using the usual christmas tree or turkey plates for your holidays, go out + find some that inspire you! I found these super affordable chargers, dinner + salad plates from World Market. When I saw the faux wood chargers I knew they would be perfect for future events. 

My sister + I fell in love with these woodland creature salad plates ( + thought my nephew would love them too!), thus the theme of 'Woodland Wonderland' arose. All of these plates will definitely be reused throughout the year!

Tip #2

Unique Placecards I These super simple + easy placecards were the perfect addition to the Thanksgiving table. I used simple wood tags + stamps that I had at home, but these from Amazon would look amazing as well. 

I love tiny DIY projects that get others involved! This year I stamped + my mom tied them to the vine! It took less than 10 minutes + they turned out so cute.

Pick up some stamps + twine + vines + you're good to go!

Tip #3

Flowers Flowers Flowers I They are my absolute favorite addition to any table. This time around I used florals as the main centerpiece + added fall-time colors. Flowers don't have to be abundant either- minimal flowers or greenery on a modern table would look gorg!

Flowers in your yard? Use those! I live in an apartment so I popped over to the local Wholefoods + picked up these stellar florals. All the other greenery was found in my parents backyard. Get your hands dirty + you'll feel much more creative!

Tip #4

Earthy Elements I Since the theme had organically become 'Woodland Wonderland' I kept my eyes open for all earthy tones + elements. The deep brown wood stands + trough centerpiece helped ground this otherwise super light + airy table. The vintage mercury glass vases also helped add height + drama. 

Neutral colors are my go to- they are easy to mix + match + provide a backdrop for greenery to stand out against 

Tip #5

Eclectic Pieces I My last + final tip is to mix in eclectic pieces that you just love! I love anything crystal related so I utilized some beautiful shiny clear + white crystal pieces to add a little dimension.

All of these elements were easy to remove from the table when it came time to get our food on. 

I hope you feel rejuvinated + inspired to get creative with your next tablescape. let me know how they turn out!

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