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Rented Space | Tips + Tricks

Rented Space | Tips + Tricks

As a follow up to last week's Friday Faves Removable Wallpaper post, I wanted to give my favorite tips + tricks for designing a rental. A lot of us still rent + probably will for years to come, but that doesn't mean your space should suffer a lack of design + style.

I've recently moved into a new rental, a place my husband + I plan to be at for a few years, + I am so excited to get decorating! Luckily, the place has so much wonderful charm with built-ins + an upgraded kitchen + bath, but sometimes I still feel limited on what I can + cannot do. When I get frustrated I always come back to these tried + true tips for making your space feel customized to you.

Decorative Storage

A lot can be done with decorative storage. This adds space to organize books, records, clothing, + also gives you space to accessorize. Accessorizing on your cute storage or shelving will be your best friend in your rental. This is where your personality can shine.

Kitchen Hardware

In some rentals the kitchen can be the hardest place to make stylish + representative of you. Try changing out some or all of the hardware to give some funkyness + fun. Also, if allowed, painting the cabinets can change the entire feel of your place.

Removable Wallpaper

If you didn't see it yet, go check out my Friday Faves from last week, you'll see a bunch of removable wallpaper ideas! This is the latest + greatest in apartment design. Either peel + stick vinyl or another material, these easily add interest to your bathroom or any space!

Tapestry Wall Art

Along with hanging regular framed art, tapestry wall art adds tons of drama to your space. Usually the bigger the piece, the less holes you have to patch later. I especially love this one by Boho by Lauren (stay tuned for a Maker of the Month feature on her next month!)

Rug Coverage

You should know by now the difference a good rug can make in your space. By adding a large rug under your dining table, foot of the bed, or a runner in your entry way, these coverings will fill the space + hide unfortunate flooring.

Window Coverings

If you're able to, best scenario would be to remove ugly window treatments + replace with nice wood blinds or beautiful curtains. Adding curtain hardware can be tricky with certain wall types. Be sure to figure out what kind of walls you have before you make that commitment (I've made that mistake before...).

Light Fixtures

Okay, this is one of my favorite tips! There are so many wonderful light fixtures that DO NOT need to be hardwired! Thus, no electrician needed. Check Ikea, World Market + Target for some good ones. If you are one of those lucky renters who can change out hardwired lights, do it! You'll probably have to pay for the fixture + electrician, but it's worth it.

Indoor Plants

Yup, were you surprised? I can tell you first hand the difference a few real plants can make to a space. Be sure to get greens that are good for indoors + love on them! They are now your little house pet plant + deserve water + sunlight. Check my other post for tips!

Lean What You Can

I love a home with a sense of romanticism + effortlessness. Leaning large mirrors or artwork from the ground is a great trick to avoid adding more holes to the walls. Also, be very wary of hanging heavy pieces, if you lean it you will be so happy when you move out!

Upgrade Your Shower

Doesn't this look unbelievably calming + soothing? Yea, my shower has become my new favorite hangout. I changed out the shower head to a rain shower head, added eucalyptus, + some candles + now I can't wait to take showers! I've lived in rentals where I felt dirtier after taking a shower + that's just not right. Take time to give your bathroom some love + make it a rejuvenating space.

Higher-End Upgrade

If you think your landlord may be open to it you may take steps toward a high-end upgrade. Maybe you've been at your place for 10 years + feel you need a new dishwasher, or some new fixtures, you could always ask. I like the idea of upgrading backsplashes, especially these peel + stick backsplashes by Smart Tiles, very little hassle + easy to remove.

Of course every rental + landlord is going to be different so be sure to review your lease before you attempt any of these changes. Be smart + only take on projects you feel you will really complete. 

What's your favorite rental design trick?!

Stay tuned for some interior updates on my apartment!



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