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Maker of the Month | Peacock + Co

Maker of the Month | Peacock + Co

There's something really special happening in Long Beach at the cross streets of Linden Ave + E 1st St.  There's about a 2-3 block radius of ridiculously cool, innovative + effortlessly minimal shops, you would swear you just discovered one of the great secrets of Southern California. This is where I found Octobers amazingly talented Maker of the Month...

Peacock + Co!

Peacock + Co is one big happy celebration of modern plants + I can't tell you how thankful I am to have found them! Owner, Stephanie, is the sweetest being + has an incredible eye for lush modern houseplants that are easy to care for + look great in any window. *This shop also happens to be right around the corner from 6th + Detroit, last month's MM! *

The shop features plants, ceramics by local artists, + also shares the space with my now fave Long Beach clothing shop, Anneise.

I found Peacock + Co long ago through Instagram + that weekend I dragged the hubs down to the East Village to visit this shop. I didn't want to leave! Seriously, my husband left me there so I could take in all the goodness that was happening. I've been to plant stores before, even "cool" ones over in Venice or Oakland but, there's something truly unique to Peacock + Co.

Stephanie creates an atmosphere of simplicity, refined organic modernism, + innovative new ways of seeing plants. I love her aesthetic + approach to beauty. If you read my MM from last month with 6th + Detroit you'll know that they've collaborated to bring all their amazing finds together in the form of a rental company, I couldn't be more happy + excited to see all their successes!

I met up with Stephanie at her shop last week to take photos for the feature. I am so honored to be able to view her shop through my lens. It's a magical little corner + I am so grateful to share it with you all. Check out the full feature + gallery below!

Meet the Maker | Peacock + Co

F + K | What's your story + how did you found Peacock + Co?

Stephanie | Peacock + Co evolved from my old event business Peacock Social. I was doing events, primarily dj-ing weddings. I marketed my business as a Boutique Dj service with minimal equipment + a set-up that pretty much looks like my shop now! It makes me laugh a little now when I hear how ridiculous that sounds.  It dawned on me one day while doing a wedding show; I had a lot of people drawn to my booth but, no one really understood what I did. I didn’t get any new business from that show but, people loved my booth… How could I translate this into my brand? As I broke down my set-up that day I decided that I was going have Styling + Design as a primary focus for my brand.

Shortly after, in 2013 I started working with Kimberly Latham (Owner, Anneise) who is now my Shop Partner + close friend. Kimberly had a clothing store + managed it all so gracefully. She inspired me to work toward my lifelong dream of opening a Home Decor shop. I started collecting objects, teaching myself macrame + that’s when Peacock + Co was born. I worked on building a collection for an online shop but, after a successful pop-up at Anneise, Kimberly asked if I wanted to join her shop. So, a storefront actually came first for me. My business continued to grow when I discovered my love for plants + now Peacock & Co is a full blown plant shop!

Maker of the Month | Peacock + Co | www.foundandkept.com

F + K | What drew you to owning a store front?

Stephanie | The human interaction, hands down. Being a part of our customer’s shopping experience is important to me. We take pride in being Owner operated. I also absolutely love merchandising + creating a fresh space daily.

F + K | What all does Peacock + Co offer?

Stephanie | Plants, ceramics, botanical wares, kindness + hopefully inspiration.

F +  K | How did you come up with the name?

Stephanie | People always assume that I love Peacocks but, the initial name idea was more symbolic than anything. I actually always contemplate a name change but, the thought of a rebrand gives me heart palpitations. I have grown to love the name now that the meaning is mostly in the memories. It is officially here to stay.

F + K | How does your location inspire you?

Stephanie | The evolution of our shop space. The love, time + attention that Kimberly + I have put into designing the space definitely inspires me. I also love our neighborhood. It has grown so much + I love that people are now seeing the beauty + potential of Downtown Long Beach.

F + K | What did you do before Peacock + Co?

Stephanie | I was a Manager for Barnes & Noble for a good chunk of my life. I learned so much + met the best people. I apply so much of the knowledge I gained from being a Manager to what I do now.

F + K | What’s your favorite piece in the shop right now?

That would have to be the Plant Hanger that Michelle Qazi (Owner of 6th & Detroit) + I created together for our West Elm pop-up. It’s a beautiful piece + it was fun working with Michelle on it. I love her!

F + K | Where has some of your work been featured?

Stephanie | OC Weekly which was cool! You can also find a large selection of our plants at one of our local stockists The Clubhouse at Howl. We have done pop-up shows at West Elm, Urban Outfitters, + Lord Windsor Roasters. Event Styling + Greenery Installations for Spontanea Dinner + 6th & Detroit.

F + K | Any special events/pop ups/collaborations coming up?

Stephanie | I am currently working on a project for Palos Verdes School Gardens + we are gearing up for the Holiday season.

F + K | How do you define beauty?

Stephanie | The ability to be vulnerable + humble is a beautiful thing.

F + K | What’s one piece of advice you’d give to female entrepreneurs?

Stephanie | Progression happens while you are working hard. Start small, be patient + always have integrity.

F + K | What’s your ideal Sunday morning look like?

Stephanie | Music is a huge part of my life so an ideal Sunday morning would definitely include music + cooking. I love cooking! My other dream job would be to own a salad spot with live music + DJs. I would call it Salad + Jam! (Don’t steal that! Haha!)

F + K | What's next for PEACOCK + CO?

Stephanie | My shop is #1 but, becoming a mobile plant shop in addition to the shop is a dream. Hopefully we can make this happen in 2017. Continuing to grow our wholesale, styling, and rental services is on the list. The list grows daily!

Fine Print: All photos belong to Found + Kept, if you'd like to use them please give full credit + provide a link back to the original post

From desert plants to huge shiny Monsteras you are sure to find a plant that fits your space. Peacock + Co is a gem + Long Beach is a better place because of them. Thank you so much to Stephanie, + Kimberly of Anneise, to allow me into their space + share my love of the shop with my readers. It's local shops like this that makes Long Beach the special town that it is : )

Be sure to follow the shop on Instagram + Pinterest or visit their brick + mortar at:

440 E 1st St, Long Beach 90802



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