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Friday Faves | Boho Minimalist

Friday Faves | Boho Minimalist

The Boho Minimalist Bedroom

Bedrooms are our sanctuaries. It's where you recharge every night + wake up inspired for the day. I place such high importance on where I sleep + I'm always trying to design my bedroom in a timeless + effortless way. How do you get that effortless, simplistic yet curated, I’ve slept in this bed for years look? It’s all about balance.

Maybe you want to splurge on that broken-in linen, but combine it with your grandma's quilt. Or balance some funky art with sleek gold bedside light fixtures. Find the yin to your yang...or funky collection of art. Balancing acts are hard but utilizing these 6 rules can help you stay on track + create that bohemian sanctuary for yourself.

Chunky Textiles

Neutral Bedding

Look for bedding that is neutral or bright white, this allows your space to feel open + airy. Linen has become my new favorite obsession as  it doesn't take long to get that worn in look. Don't worry, you can add color later.

This textured throw + lush rugs add so much texture to this simple bedroom. Even though the colors aren't bold the texture allows for depth + interest. Pillows, throws + rugs are also the perfect spot to add a punch of color.

Big Art

Simple Lights

To balance out the funkiness of your rugs, pillows + or art, I like to keep the light fixtures simple. Mid-century inspired or industrial, these are both great styles that compliment bohemian decor.

I love this pop of large art on the wall. A large art piece speaks volumes, you don't need much more. Be sure to keep the artwork balanced. If it's a colorful piece, neutralize the bedding and vice versa.



Well,  this should be a given. You know my obsession with indoor plants, remember? I think greens + botanicals should be added in any room with sunlight. It brightens + freshens your space, + can also keep you calm.

This is my #1 rule for any relaxing bedroom. I can't promise decluttering will save your life, but it could. Pair down to your essentials + remember these great storage saving tips. Declutter your space, declutter your mind.

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I live by these 6 rules when it comes to styling my bedroom + every time I pick up a new piece I thoughtfully place it to keep my room balanced + calm. At the end of the day, all you really want is a beautiful + inspiring space to curl up into + read a book.

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