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10 Fresh Home Design Ideas for 2017

10 Fresh Home Design Ideas for 2017

I just love the first few days of the new year. I get to reevaluate my goals for the year, take time for some self-care + then, get down to business. It seems the whole world is excited for what's to come + hopeful for a better, healthier year. The year is still fresh for us all + I've got some pretty fresh ideas to inspire your home for 2017! I got some help from Pinterest, of course, but I think we're in for some pretty awesome home ideas. Check below for me . . . 

my Top 10 fresh home Ideas for 2017

2016 was all about white on white with a fiddle-leaf, moroccan inspired textiles, + gold, well, everything.

This year we're going to see a softer side of things

Introducing new neutrals, other greens that aren't as hard to keep alive as a fiddle-leaf, mixed metals, + an overall sense of lived-in modernism (I call this the Scandi-Boho look, they're just so good at it . . .)

Bedroom Refresh

It's time to get out of your living + dining room, and focus on the quieter side, the bedroom. As a way to escape bedrooms will become your haven for relaxation + simplicity. Get a fresh look with simple bedding, decluttered nightstands, + playful lighting. 

Navy, Navy, + oh, Navy

Photo c/o Pinterest

Yeah, it's evvverywhere this year! Let's see . . . navy paint, bedding, sofas, clothing, you name it + it comes in navy now. Navy is definitely the new neutral. With it's rich, dark velvety color, it is the perfect balance to all those walls you painted white last year ; ) It's soft + gorgeous + I am so not mad about this color trend at all. 

Raw Elements

As a counter to all the mid-century inspired pieces we saw last year, raw elements with modern shapes are definitely the new + beautiful thing this year. Raw edge woods, stoneware, + woven baskets are the perfect accent pieces to warm up your space.

Open Shelving

Photo c/o Design Sponge

Let's get back to your shelfie, need a refresh? Open wall shelving is a great way to utilize vertical space + showcase all your favorite items. Now that even Target is making adorable staplers + paperclips, why not keep them out? p.s be careful of over-cluttering!

Mixed Metals

Photo c/o Becki Owens

*sigh of relief* this is by far one of my most favorite trends this year! I've always loved mixing metals + while I absolutely love the resurgence of a good gold, too much gold can sometimes be a little overwhelming. To counter, try reintroducing some brass, silver, copper, or  black metals. Pair that with those raw elements above, + you're golden ; )

That scandi-boho home

Scandi-boho design incorporates modern shapes + lines with rustic or organic elements + textiles, to make for a completely refined but lived-in look. You can take Scandi elements into any style you love + it will only enhance it. I've always been a Scandinavian at heart + am so happy it's hitting all the stores. Be sure to hit your local Ikea, as I know they're coming out with some good things this year!

White + Wood

Photo c/o Hare + Klein

White + wood is a great jumping off point for Scandinavian lived-in look, it can be as rustic or as modern as you like. I love the modern side of it with touches of black + brass to keep it grounded. Try white + wood in your bathroom + office too!

Fresh Greens

Photo c/o My Insta

Is your fiddle-leaf still alive this year?? Really? Good job!! Miraculously, mine is still alive too! Although they're beauties, they're not the only tree in the forest. Try a Palm, Rubber Tree plant, Elephant Ear, or start to throw in some hanging plants to add some smaller ones that don't need as much care + attention. And be sure to talk to your plants, they really do love it : )

playful Light Fixtures

Photo c/o My Domaine

I'm also so excited about this one! I've already been seeing so many fun light fixtures from West Elm, Ikea + Target that I know we'll have many options this year. Try hanging sconces from the ceiling or find playful fixtures that lighten up your space!

DIY Wall Art

As we've all discovered, good art is a. hard to find + b. very expensive. This year why not get crafty + start making your own?! No one said you have to have somebody else's work on your walls. Try the DIY Wall Hanging above, or pick up a canvas + have some fun! I also love art print downloads from Etsy or Mint, print it to the size you want, pick up an Ikea frame + you're set!

What's your favorite 2017 trend?

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